Links and Recommendations

San Diego Electricians:  

It has not been economically practical for me to drive down for work in San Diego although I will do so if asked.  The travel fee will be substantial, however.  There are enough well qualified electricians there anyway.  I have met a few whom I would recommend without hesitation.  I'm sure there are a lot more qualified people I just don't know enough about to recommend.  I will not recommend someone I have not met and checked out personally.  If you need someone in San Diego, consider the following people:
Marks Marine Electric.  I met Mark Burroughs at a ham radio license school in the fall of 2007.  We exchanged thoughts on tackling various kinds of jobs.  I have seen his service van and photos of his work.  Mark strikes me as a completely straight shooter and I would recommend him for any electrical or electronic work he says he can do.  Mark is smart and honest enough to not take on work he is not expertly qualified to do, if such a thing exists.  I do know that Mark does a lot more generator installation work than I do.

Although I don't think it's strictly required for boat systems, Mark is completing the requirements to become an official State licensed (land) electrician.  (619) 540-9875

Offshore Outfitters  I know Offshore Outfitters through Shea Weston.  Shea is the premier HF radio / Pactor Modem expert in Southern California.  I do ham and marine band HF installations too  I understand RF on boats, have the tools and test gear and consider myself perfectly competent.  However, Shea is the person I call if I have an issue with Pactor installation or Sailmail.  Shea is the worldwide service contact for the Sailmail organization.  I know Shea is competent in all phases of marine electronics and electrical systems but I don't know how much electrical stuff he does any more.  Nevertheless, I would take Shea's referral to another practitioner of this art without hesitation.  (619) 225-5690

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