Oh God, I bought a boat.                    8 Aug 06

A boat?  Most of the people who fix and maintain boats aren't usually driven to get one of their own.  They get enough contact-high from rubbing up against your boat, to name just one thing.  This isn't a fabulously well off trade, we boat fixers, my fellow yachties.  We're each just working stiffs.  And besides - where are you going to get the time to work on your own boat?  Wouldn't you rather sit back and watch the wide-screen for a couple of hours in the evening?  You spent all day on boats, Dang.  You had to shower off the day's grime before your wife would let you come close.  Amazing how much crud sunscreen pulls out of the air.

Well, it was too good to pass up.  Isn't that what's bit you before, boy.  No, after a while you start to figure that not all good deals should close.  You have to look at the water rocking around the little tub that holds you and all your others.  Its going to affect everyone so WOULD YOU PLEASE BE CAREFUL?


In my defense I am proud to admit that I got Julie's OK before I did anything.  As the odds of that were somewhere between . . . , well, not good.  To my surprise she thought it was cute.  Liked the lines and the teak interior.  She kept thinking I was really taking her to look at the whaler tied up next to it and was pleasantly surprised.  I was amazed that an Islander 28, even one built in 1975, can still impress.  Oh good.