Batteries: When Less is More

he Less Electricity You Use, the Easier Your Battery Issues Become.  Unfortunately, this is bucking most of the trends.  

LED running lights are a joke, energy-wise in the big picture, just my opinion.  LED space lighting is just hitting the threshold of "reasonable," but as of Spring 2008 it is not there yet unless you like the look of living by flashlight.   I run red LED courtesy lights and white lights in the head 24 hours a day.  The ones I've installed were meant for something else, but the fixtures run on 12 volts and take 0.085 amps for white light and are seriously bright and sufficiently diffuse for space lighting.  They take so little energy it hardly pays to turn them off.  And they cost me less than 10 bucks each.  So lighting will cease to be an energy problem in another five years even at marine prices.  If you have an aversion to the color or look of fluorescent lights you should get over it.  Next to LEDs they are the most efficient lights you can put in.  Eating by LED or candlelight may be romantic, but in the galley I think it's dangerous.  I boat year-round; I like lots of light and I have it.